24 May 2016


To those of you with a very keen eye, Tiffany is actually from the K-Pop supergroup Girls' Generation. Being the second member to go solo and with an impressively received debut album the South Korean starlet has spectacularly plated up a softened and multi-faceted pop ditty with European genealogy.

Tiffany excellently manages her musical direction with this latest effort as grazed reverb, gloopy bubble synths and syncopated keys fritter along with delightful execution. Buoyant from the offset, "I Just Wanna Dance" displays the jovial side to the South Korean as twinkling beats and punchy vocals work together into an etched slab of sophisticated pop submersed in delightful choral flourishes. The summary vibes and eighties charisma of Cyndi Lauper meets Whitney Houston percolates through to form an inter-contextualised sound framework that borrows the best of songs past with the contemporary nous of Tiffany and her wealth of candy-pop experience. K-Pop at its beautiful best.

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