09 May 2016


There is always a song out there that makes you go all Cyndi Lauper with a hairbrush in one hand, Gin and Tonic in the other as you stare into the mirror and sing your little lungs out. Voes' latest track allows you to do just that as the four piece serve up an eighties power anthem on a platter.

There is not much information surrounding Harriet, Philip, Shane and Jack but mystery aside, what we do know is that they have a very individual sound. "Live Through This" is an indulgent cavalcade of momentous synth waterfalls and intrepid drum beats; glittering in places, shimmering in others, each musical element intervenes with the other for attention and layers power-ballad realness with striking pop tribulations. Over-saturated choruses spill forth as Harriet's vocals pepper the musical background with striking resonance and expressive pangs of feeling rich in lyrical passion. Voes make retro-pop something to be celebrated once more.

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