22 June 2016


Pip Brown, the matriarchal eighties grunge-pop powerhouse whose moniker of Ladyhawke is synonymous with female-led tenacious indie meets gnarly pop of the late noughties, is finally back after a four year hiatus. The solo artist from New Zealand who flits between London, Auckland and L.A. has gifted us a surprisingly sweetened pop morsel for her latest single.

"A Love Song" is an affirmative nod towards succulent pop tendencies that perhaps we caught a glimmer of in previous tracks such as "Paris Is Burning" or "Dusk Till Dawn" but which never flourished courtesy of musical trends at the time. Now, however, we see Ladyhawke take a brazen step into the realms of breezy eighties pop as globulous nodules of synths dance frantically between hollowed beats and camp sound manipulations. Brown's fleshy vocals carry an irreverence that appeals to many, lofty in places whilst femininely ushered in others amid twirling digitalised sounds; the lyrics are blissfully simplistic and echo toward Sky Ferriera meets Florrie methodologies whilst nuzzling dutifully to Ladyhawke's rich past excursions. "A Love Song" is a breezy and playful pop banger.

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