22 June 2016


Donnie Sloan is the mastermind behind works by Empire Of The Sun and Sneaky Sound System. Now the Australian has chosen to really flex his production muscle by collaborating with Canadian Ricky Ducati via Sydney based label Future Classic. Seamlessly evolving, the blueprints of Sloan's musical interpretations remain intact but now come with an added finesse.

It may be several months old but "One In A Million" remains refreshing and contemporary in its entirety as gleaming eighties sugar-pop couples up neatly to modernised digitalism, or as the L.A. based duo define it, 'nu-wop'. With this in mind their latest record salivates across a coppery wave of echoed trivialities and zeon hued synths. Sharpened beats and audio friz bubble along at a decent pace, keeping attention firmly on Sloan's adroit disco-tipped mannerisms. "One In A Million" remains delightfully content to quaffle candied beats and strobing eighties vocoders with ravenous hunger as choruses ebb and flow and lyrics dictate the underlying agenda, giving compositional strength to such a pop masterpiece.

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