22 June 2016


We first blogged about London based singer/songwriter Sophie Dyson, who goes by the name of Sody last month after catching our attention with the mightily impressive "Sorry", a track that she mustered her collaborative efforts together alongside Parlophone's Martin Luke Brown. The enigmatic partnership have teamed up once more and it is a beauty to say the least.

Not too surprisingly the fervent adolescence and pugnacious nature that exudes from the young musicians is transcribed in brilliant detail within the core foundations of "Wasted Youth". You can tell this is a track with depth and relatable meaning coming from both creators that steps toward the listener with resilience. Staccato beats and vacillating reverb notions are spectacularly punctuated by the pair's zesty vocal delivery and razor sharp lyrics; dualised harmonies are undertaken with guile and shouted across the digital soundboard with heated kineticism. "Wasted Youth" is a stimulating take on a pop ballad but with a contemporary twist that demonstrates the deft hands of Sody and Martin Luke Brown as musicians to watch out for in the very near future.

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