22 June 2016


You can tell upon hearing Tales Of Murder And Dust that they have honed their musical craft to a very fine art indeed and that comes as no surprise when you learn that they have almost a decade in the music business under their belts. The four piece from Aarhus, Denmark recently caught our attention thanks in part to their vortex strewn psychedelia.

Doing away with any vaingloriousness or unnecessary musical fodder, the Danish ensemble have created a particularly wondrous effort in the form of "Black Reflections". On the face of it there is a sense of aural monotony, but delve deeper and what you actually find, or what you are rewarded with we should say is a mesmeric continuum of satinised echoes and drum beat frisson; a convergence of shoegaze bedazzlement and retrospective psychedelia from decades past that pierces your eardrums with overwhelming effect. Metallic reverb and droning vocal distortions add to the rich effervescent mix and give way to another tangible layering of sound that makes "Black Reflections" so unique in its own dynamic Scandi-rock way.

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