03 July 2016


Fresh from reviewing one New Zealander we move onto another, national duo Broods. We first discovered the still beautifully smouldering brother/sister duo from Auckland over two years ago after the release of their single "Bridges" which we contemplatively labelled as morose and sombre, showcasing the diligent side of alt-pop from down south.

Straight from their latest album "Conscious" via Capitol Records, "Heartlines" is a voluptuous skirmish of twinkled electronica and magnetically charged dual harmonies. Furtive beats thud intermittently between Georgia Nott's glacial vocalities to produce a strident noire-pop ensemble full of darkened emotive ripples and swirling digitalism. The pair's latest offering joyfully harks back to those formative years as pulsating basslines jostle for attention amongst feathered tones and opulent synth horizons in the same vein as CHVRCHES or Avec Sans. Roping in fellow countrywoman Lorde to co-write "Heartlines" merely highlights Broods' intellectual sense to produce a swooning electro-pop number that indefatigably stamps a purveying mark on the genre, not just in New Zealand but globally.

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