14 July 2016


Carla Cappa has been piquing interest among music journalists and bloggers alike thanks in part to her slick pop tendencies and succinct lyrical assertiveness. The Nashville resident has already honoured us with previous works of genius such as "Goddess" and now this new matriarchal purveyor of pop gifts us "I'm Good".

You can tell that Cappa has something to say. This latest sizzler from the American starlet is dictated primarily by the direct and acidic nature of the lyrics being sung. The structure of the track in its entirety hangs off the well angled cheek bones of those snarled words with bravado and pugnacity. Sharply emitting lines such as "If you get someone else to go, you should, 'Cause I'm good, I'm good" brings about an air of independence based on previous emotive nausea; truncated veins of angst bleed across a fervent dose of electronic reverb and Scandi-pop nuances. Breathy in places, heftily rousing in others, Cappa manages to sew together the best elements of CHVRCHES and Van Bot whilst splurging a preppy Americanised sense of energy and individualism between choruses and lyrics.

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