05 July 2016


Despite what their name of L.A WOMEN may suggest, this band, consisting of members Jake, Zac and Jesse do not reside in some sun soaked Californian suburb drizzled in capitalism and celebritydom. In fact they hail from New Zealand, as we once again venture down south to detail the trio's debut slow-whomp pop morsel "Hurricane Love", a track that has already received some noteworthy plaudits.

Immediately captivating your senses with purred vocals, "Hurricane Love" is a daintily clad homage to the tribulations of relationships letting lyrical potency and silken tones dictate the genetics of such a recording. With this in mind it is clear from the offset that the three band members have an unspoken understanding of musical compositions as their debut slice of emotive drilled noire-pop bleaches away any pointless aural detritus with watery simplicity and gentile layers in the same style as Huntar or Sody. The morose keys, the undercurrent of brooding drum beats, the towering synth-laden choruses, each decisive musical input enhances the other to gracefully pool forth with beachy resonance and sangfroid notions.

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