09 July 2016


Local Natives had been rather quiet since their second album "Hummingbird" dropped in 2013. Since then the band have teased and tortured fans with a prolonged return to the fore but finally the outfit from Los Angeles have mustered together a throbbing indie-pop number in the form of "Villainy" that was debuted on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show last month.

According to members Taylor Rice and Ryan Hahn, they conceived the song whilst on a flight coming back from a festival and it is evident from listening to their latest work that their creativity was soaring high. "Villainy" is a swooning collective of beach surf reverberations, and cosmic harmonies that tantalises and meanders between cooing piano keys and an indulgent bout of synthesising intricacies. Maintaining a near constant pace gives stability for each instrumental piece and allows the track to smoothly gallop along amid a veritable sea of hazy musical soundscapes and festival anthem bravado. Local Natives' ability to notch up a dynamic equilibrium where celestial-pop dances seamlessly with rapturous indie genetics is nothing short of inspiring and "Villainy" is the perfect example of such talents.

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