04 July 2016


Nashville is often known first and foremost for all things country and folk music, as well as the current TV series of the same name in a broader sense. So, with a monumental task in shaking up that stereotypical generalisation of cultural indigeny we welcome NIGHTLY; a male duo who conjure up sweltering indie-pop aural collisions with ease.

What is most striking about NIGHTLY is that "XO" is their debut effort and belies the pair's first steps into the music industry. Sounding like a remarkably chiselled by-product of Prides meets Coasts dipped in an MGMT circa-2008 narcotic varnish, NIGHTLY have still managed to create a very individualised sound for their first foray into the music industry. Typified by raucous percussive elements and thumping drum beats that smash down with leaden oomph "XO" saunters along rather nicely, coated in a sensory festival regalia of punchy choruses, mantra-esque lyrics and anthemic nuances. Maintaining that thriving dose of instrumented energy throughout ensures the American duo have produced a brilliant indie-pop number that promises much for the future.

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