01 February 2012

New Changes For 2012

OWL BY NIGHT is changing for 2012 but fear not, the changes will only be subtle and will enhance your new music reading experience.

The rigid structure of this blog will be cast aside in favour of a more flexible approach. Reviews, whether they are singles, albums, artists or gigs will be created at varying lengths. There will be occasional in depth reviews which were previously titled as "Top Tunes To Blog About". Now these posts will be renamed as "WORTH A HOOT", followed by the blogpost number relating to that specific post. These reviews are more in depth and give background information and analysis of a given artist, song, gig. These reviews aim to provide you with professionally written content that you will hopefully enjoy and which will maximise your viewing and reading experience.

NEW FOR 2012 are "SOMETHING TO HOOT ABOUT" reviews. These are mid-length responsive posts that will cater for those wanting to know about the latest tunes from the freshest and most innovative artists at a quick pace. These posts may include multiple artists or just the one, but aim to bridge the gap between the longer "WORTH A HOOT" reviews and the smaller 20 Word Mini Reviews.

This nicely leads us on to "Mini Reviews In 20 Words". The concept shall remain the same for 2012 but their will be an extra two words added to these easy reading and reactive multi-post reviews. Their new name will be "TWENTY TWOO WORD REVIEWS" See the word play there? TWOO as in "TWIT-TWOO" as in relating to Owls? Yes, ingenious we know! Furthermore there will be several minor display and design changes to the blog in due course to keep it fresh and clean for your beautiful eyes.

So to clarify:

"WORTH A HOOT" reviews = in depth longer reviews, less frequent.

"SOMETHING TO HOOT ABOUT" reviews = mid-length responsive reviews, frequent and reactive to blog trends.

"TWENTY TWOO WORD REVIEWS" = mini reviews, 22 words in length, bite-size snippets of new music information to get you through the day.

These new blogpost styles will commence as of today and will continue onwards from previous posts. These changes shall hopefully improve your OWL BY NIGHT experience. All comments and suggestions are welcome and we hope you continue to enjoy your time as loyal followers to this fledging new music blog.


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