19 March 2012



This blog makes no secret in believing Sweden is the epicentre of wave after wave of superb and phenomenally gifted musicians. The quality of music stemming from the Nordic haven is on a level that occasionally embarrasses the UK and general world music scene. The relative ease at which artists start at a grass roots level and ascend the musical ranks is astonishing and inspiring. The country has a way of filtering through bands and individual artists rammed with creativity and electro-pop genre mashing capabilities. The latest duo to traverse North Sea waters and snap at the ankles of proverbial newcomers Niki And The Dove are Smith And Thell.

Maria Jane Smith and Victor Alexander Thell are the twosome who have become saturated with Swedish pop producing finesse after ten long years of grafting and composing. Only now are they ready to be squeezed and let the crystalline droplets of sheer musical bliss rain down into our eager ears. Their sound is effortless, untarnished and pristine, blending the pillowed nurturing of Smith's vocal range with the celestial invigoration of Thell's electro intelligence. The combination feels cleansed and minimalist, echoing musical traits of Bjork, Bat For Lashes, Ask Embla, Krause and Royksopp. "Kill It With Love" is the epitome of their musical direction. Not surprisingly, both the key elements of feminine vocals and technologically derived electronics work in a beautifully refined manner with smooth sequential compositions differentiating the latest single from usual electro-pop slices on the market. The satin vocals of Smith soar high with crisp clarity and breezy imagination whilst the juvenile twinkling of keys and the Baltic infused bass creates an effortless beat enlightened by strobing electro synths and Scandinavian vitality sliding through into the sweet chorus. "Kill It With Love" melts down opposing elements into a serene concoction of pop beats and electronic cascades making this track perfect for the approaching summer. Keep an eye out for Smith And Thell, the UK should soon be welcoming the duo, with love.

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