08 May 2012



When you sift through the countless and unrelenting barrage of new music on a daily basis it can be hard to pick out worthy bands or individuals who make an impact, both audibly and visually. The monotony of overly assured acts who hark continuously about not being mainstream, about being raw and creating new genres which guarantees an earned standing of superiority, can be altogether rather boring. Every now and again however, an act will grab Owl By Night's wholly undivided attention and instill nothing but positive emotions and pleasantly warm thoughts. Skinny Lister are one band who possess such capabilities.

The five members of Skinny Lister originate from all over the UK, individually sculpting a unique and vibrant sound from each enchanting pocket settlement and personal upbringing. It is these variations, the richness in musicality and categorical diversity which has ultimately bound the guys together; the uniform approach to production and the similarities of sound intertwine to create sublime grass roots indie folk pop. Sounding like The Pogues meets Gogol Bordello, the band have played a miscellany of gigs including the renowned SXSW. With carefree whimsy Skinny Lister detract from bands who prefer bravado and obnoxious self critique, preferring to embrace their listeners and have a fuzzy alcoholic laugh or two. The fact that Skinny Lister chose Hastings as the setting for this track's music video earns valuable points seeing as Owl By Night's birth town is none other than the famous medieval port.

"If The Gaff Don't Let Us Down" is a salty dreamscape assault on rousing folk music that is both captivating and infectious. Starting off immediately with assured guile, Skinny Lister's single trundles along with an energetic tempo that inevitably spurs a gradual layering of noise; a deliberate culmination that launches into an irresistible choral collective. Foamy vocal spontaneity slides across tidal cascades of instrumental gaiety and rapturous applause uniting juxtaposing sounds into seamless and vibrant audio textures. The seafaring stop-start staccato nature of wooden beats and rambunctious guitar pangs encourages footloose swagger and coastal jaunts fuelled by Sussex ales and crackling pub banter. The charming concertina evokes traditional imagery and audio bubbles of nostalgic 'Blighty' camaraderie. With such a plethora of sound it can feel overly consuming, but who cares when the sincere and plucky lyrics wax neatly over skittish thuds and happy bleats of noise to nudge you into bouts of foot stomping revelry. "If the Gaff Don't Let Us Down" possesses an openness that many musicians strive to accomplish. With credible dexterity this track highlights the intelligence and genius behind Skinny Lister's production. With pleasant values and a garnered folk aesthetic these five individuals have the ability to go very far indeed and deservedly so. 

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