24 July 2012



South-East London singer A*M*E is set for big things. The feisty artist who cites Aretha Franklin and Kylie Minogue as influences is quickly cementing a reputation as an artist with chameleon qualities; her professional attitude, fiery ambition and gusto outlook mean slowly but surely, the A*M*E way of making music is becoming increasingly recognised and appealing. The youthful persona of this urban lady is starting to draw some serious attention as her dexterous pop masterpieces reveal an electric mix of pop bravado, sassy R'n'B and intrepid experimentalism. "City Lights" and "Ride Or Die" have already served as tantalising snippets of the talent and genius that is to come from the capital's "next big thing".

   A*M*E's latest venture offers another interesting dimension to her musical character; teaming up with the supremely gifted MC Righteous has allowed the young woman with talent to tip-toe into the Zeitgeist fields of dance and house music. Composing something that has to stand out above the majority in what can only be termed as saturated renaissance genres is a tall order when acts such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta monopolise the sector to the extreme. However it would appear A*M*E has defied such a trap. "Find A Boy" is an overwhelming onslaught of thunderous beats, repetitive house-savvy whirs and rotating bass manoeuvres. Working in dynamic equilibrium, each key sound funnels into a continuous mantra-esque loop that is infectious, enticing and most importantly fresh. Glazed synth shards jab at the senses leading to each chorus crescendo tumbling forth with energy and pulsating menace. A*M*E's vocals humanise the song sufficiently to make this a great clubbing track for the socialising masses and MC Righteous provides enough urban flavour to make this track truly different and an eagerly received dance number. Keep a beady eye out for A*M*E, she is destined for great things and deservedly so.





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