27 July 2012



The effervescent Jessie Ware is another candidate to enter the thriving female fronted music scene in the UK joining the likes of Florence Welsh and Ellie Jackson. Standing out is always going to be a daunting challenge but the London lady has extensive knowledge of producing crystalline pop fixes, possessing an untarnished vocal prowess that many strive to ascertain. Brixton born Jessie has a professional head on her shoulders; as well as being a supremely brilliant newcomer to the pop arena, she has previously filtered through Rinse FM's airwaves, was best school mates with Jack Penate and has been vocally compared to Aaliyah by SBTRKT. Having such a diverse background has finally allowed Ware's career to come into fruition, embellishing her work with dexterous malleability and towering vocals displays. Having a sound like a luxurious hybrid of Adele's rousing vocals meets Clare Maguire's mellow purrs means the singer has the best of both. 

"Wildest Moments" is a defiant and emotive culmination as a continually bullish drum beat threads the song's various elements into a beautiful aural patchwork. Constructing a song with minimal musical input provides a clinical base with which to manipulate; the simplistic recipe of repetitive drum chants supporting contrastingly light piano key strands imbues the song with a degree of tranquillity. Jessie also has the rare ability to write lyrics steeped in inner sincerity, fragile honesty and emotive transparency. Such openness makes "Wildest Moments" instantly beautiful and draws a listener in to witness the harmonious musical thoroughfare at a tentative distance. With cooperative allegiance, Ware's lyrics and vocal power mirror her determined character and subtly assured confidence from start to end, providing a taster of what exciting things are yet to come.

Check out the music video below for "Wildest Moments" then follow Jessie via Facebook and Twitter and remember to pick up a copy of her debut album "Devotion" set for an August release.





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