12 July 2012



Florrie Arnold is one tenacious and driven individual judging by her relentless push through the proverbial bramble bushes they call the music industry. The ash blond pop vixen rides high after the relative success of her first EP titled "Introduction" in which Florrie deftly offered the slick collection of brazen pop numbers for free download, a bold and intelligent call. In combination with her elegant music videos, working for Nina Ricci and collaborating with the likes of Justin Faust it is perhaps no surprise that this bedazzling Bristol gem is back with new material, a new "Experiments" EP and up-and-coming projects with Dolce and Gabbana. Having so much in the pipeline proves the young lady is intrepid; cementing her image with a strong persona, fiery musical passion and bullish determination.

Owl By Night has a strong love for Florrie. Her music is crisp, finely orchestrated and the perfect hybrid of old meets contemporary; likening the young siren in the first post to Little Boots, Uffie and Sky Ferreira. These days it is a vastly different story with the power of hindsight. The ever establishing Florrie is an artist in her own right who imbues such talent and compositional prowess that it defines a new sub category of pop altogether; something that transcends both retro brass swing pop, eighties niche bubble-scapes of pink lipstick and neon frizz and couture electro-pop of the late noughties where synthesising met layered keys with fantastic audio chemistry.

"Shot You Down" is Florrie's latest release that perfectly sews together all the aforementioned into something very real and very captivating. The initial introduction effervesces with repetitive lyrical menace whilst simmering along with growing agitation as Florrie's sure footed drum beats stamp defiant feminine power across interweaving instrumental layers. The culmination of sound loops over continuously into the chorus which is full of typical pop hooks and sassy beats that holds just the right amount of gusto to pack weight into the final deliverance. With territorial synth aggression Florrie scissors her monochrome sound portrait with angular procrastination and faceted wonderment as beams of brilliant white pop slip meticulously between metallic electro shards and blackened emotive lyrics. "Shot You Down" gently experiments with these elements to generate a pristine and linear musical collective; the perfect modernistic pop recipe developed by the perfect pop starlet. 

Check out the brilliantly shot music video below then show Florrie some love via her Twitter and Facebook pages by following the links underneath then perhaps extend that love onto the Owl By Night pages too. 





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