25 April 2013


Urban Cone are another music act to spill out of the talent pool that is Stockholm. The Swedish five-piece consisting of Magnus, Jacob, Emil, Rasmus and Tim have already had a string of hits in their native Sweden and with airplay via H&M's UK playlist over the past year Urban Cone are slowly becoming recognised on our shores for their pop savvy mixes of indie and fluffy electro. If you mashed Delphic and Fenech-Soler circa 2010 you would ultimately produce a gleaming and bright-eyed Urban Cone which is something all together rather special. Their latest single "Searching For Silence" sticks to the band's genetic music structure; a penchant for synthesised regalia, zorbing beats and twinkling pop full of soaring vocals. Glacial guitar melodies ripple through the introduction amid steady drum beats and bass thuds to instantly inject some pep into this indie-pop scorcher; delving into multiple genres and pinching the best characteristics of each individual style has allowed Urban Cone to produce a song plumped full of interesting soundscapes and reliable noise undulations. As the lead singer's seamless Nordic harmonies rise upwards they create an ethereal focus to this track and such interpretations are bolstered by the beautifully composed lyrics that remain simple and humbling upon the ear; "I'm going to fly like an eagle, away from the city lights, fly into darkness". The whole affair has that edgy Scandinavian feel about it whereby each music element streams past in a brilliant act of unison to furnish a sound that is current, appealing and above all, interesting. "Searching For Silence" possesses all the hallmarks of yet another Swedish masterpiece and offers a lovely slice of electro tinged indie-pop for listeners.

Check out the music video for "Searching For Silence" below and then tell us what you think of Urban Cone's latest effort and leave a comment or two below.




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