14 May 2013


Iberia are a male female collaboration made up of Maja Mathé Milner And Alexander Palmestål; two creatively minded Swedes from Gothenburg who just so happen to work and nurture their musical talents in Berlin. The pair have already earned themselves a tremendous amount of support due to their pristine and heavenly chill-wave electro ensembles. Channelling a sound not too different from Purity Ring or Keep Shelly In Athens, Iberia manage to take the typical electro mood-pop structure and remould it into something free flowing and transcendent, with a Scandinavian aural varnish designed to smooth over inaccuracies lathered on top. The Swedish duo's latest single "Everyday" is almost four minutes of pure, unadulterated electronica that transports you majestically to another place. A place where music caresses ears and where those with an esoteric understanding of chilled-out electro can appreciate the mollifying nature of such sounds. After an initial skit drum intro peppered with frenetic instrumental stutters "Everyday" avalanches forth into a hallucinogenic blend of whirring synth hollows and grandiose noise vortices. The strikingly ethereal vocals of Milner ascend skyward into electro heavens where rainforest chants and repetitive mantra echoes float ever higher to produce a crescendo building anthem. Iberia's fluid electronic excursions marry nicely against softer chill-wave vibes to make the Swede's latest track feel like an ultimate dream-pop journey which we cannot help but repeat again and again.

Check out "Everyday" below and tell us what you think by leaving a post.

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