05 May 2016


Acid tongued braggart and social media hot poker Azealia Banks has dropped a mammoth number from forthcoming mixtape "Slay-Z" and once again showcases her musical nous and genre smashing credibilities circa "Fantasea" for all its incessant beats and hallucinogenic evocations. Boy, are we happy.

From the starting blocks Banks and producer An Espresso spill vivacious nineties Detroit house beats and intersperse these with inquisitive computational bleeps amid a stampeding urban bass-line. Lyrically masterful, as always, each word finely lassos to the next with forked accuracy as Azealia striates her background accomplishments with ostentatious bravado and self-assured diligence: sharp-witted, no b******t, lights on me. It's how she operates. Angular house rhythms cavort with Banks' honeyed melodies in a nasty but so very nice way to make "The Big Big Beat" a killer.

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