05 May 2016


Birthday is a solo artist from Oakland, California. Little is known about the relative newcomer other than he seems humble, polite and an incredibly gifted musician, both as a producer and song writer. He has already laid down four tracks and they make for addictive listening.

One track in particular sticks out, the beautifully nostalgic "Grown Up Kids" whose swampy beats and gentle keys saunter about with carefree whimsicality, perfectly bolstering the song's purpose and title. What is nice is the energetic behaviour as each chorus builds into a delightfully excited culmination of clouded drums and dual harmonies. Feeling like Fickle Friends meets Mausai, each lyric is a doting tribute to youthful exuberance and the trivialities of life cast across a sweetened electro-pop production. A tune to add to that summer playlist for sure.

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