06 May 2016


After a successful previous year Black Honey move rampantly into this year with a plethora of gigs under their belt and a new EP in the form of "Headspin" tearing up proceedings. Now the Brighton darlings consisting of front woman Izzy and fellow bandmates Chris, Tommy and Tom have mustered up another sure fire smash in the form of "All My Pride".

Despite being a few months old, "All My Pride" demonstrates those characteristics we have come to love about the band: snarling riffs, thunderous drum beats and truncated guitar lines that cavort together in an octane-induced thoroughfare of metallic surf rock meets assured indie sensibilities. Izzy's glittering stage alter-ego emanates amid sweltering instrumentations full of braggadocio and swaggered lyrical verve from start to end. For some reason this powerhouse anthem reminds us of No Doubt's "Sunday Morning". We're not sure why, but it does. Either way Black Honey have notched up absolute cracker.

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