05 May 2016


She may be well known within the domestic market of her homeland Sweden, but dreamy power-pop vixen Laleh is a relative unknown despite having co-written songs for Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert. This time around the singer sticks to her native tongue and churns out this bullish pop brute.

Latest offering "Bara Få Va Mig Själv" or "I just want to be myself" is an interesting slab of jangling tambourine lead choruses, determined slow drum thuds and tempestuous attitude throughout. Laleh's vociferous tones effectively gnaw at the bloated carcass of corporate music protocol. This girl has something to say and she is not afraid to say it and that in itself gives a greater credence and weight to the track. The Swedish powerhouse uses pointed visceral lyrics against a stark pop background to brilliant use and shows her capabilities perfectly.

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