06 May 2016


Oslo based Lido has been one of the frontrunners championing electronic music out of Norway having worked with the likes of Bastille and Banks, which is no mean feat. Now the Norwegian maestro flexes his capabilities with his latest solo effort, "Crazy".

You may love or hate this but we just happen to love it. Straight away we recognised the echoed loop sample from Powers' single "Money", one of our favourite tracks of all time; so a massive tick in the box there then. Among the frenetic amalgamations of squawking autotune, intermittent digital contortions and the plethora of synthesised Scandi-dance keys you have a song with deceptively emotive lyrics and weighted purpose. Lido has fashioned together a vibrant cacophony of sharp beats and whirring electronica that reaches a creative zenith when the choruses explode forth towards the listener.

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