05 July 2016


Oli Hannaford is from the county of Devon but currently resides in London where he has meticulously honed his musical craft undertaking the strenuous task of singing, songwriting, producing and playing instruments all in one hit; very James Blake meets Jack Garratt we must say and with his latest track we see a development of that format.

"Lily" is a fantastically dynamic single that appears almost lackadaisical, yet slowly wanders with half vested interest between sub-genres, tempo and intricate layering; a unique type of geological sound mapping of instrumentalised movements that captivates. Starting off as a tentative expanse of steel drum tropicalia and haughty vocal lapses, Hannaford gradually builds momentum with new elements. Cue warped bassline reverb and a subtle Balearic beat, revealing the faceted complexion of "Lily" to its fullest by submerging the listener into a large vat of electronic agitations and sultry mood-pop. Think IYES or Coasts and you are on the right track. With each blended chorus and minute gone by, the London-based musician threads together an intuitively fresh and orchestrated effort.

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